Clothes I Wear For The Space I'm In

by Shirokuma

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released June 24, 2019

All music written by us.
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Dennis Bertilsson.
Additional Guitars on Present Day by Dennis Bertilsson.
Additional Vocals on Seven Candles by Dennis Bertilsson & Anton Larsson.

Artwork and photo by Jonas Holmberg HONL317.
Released by Dog Knights Productions.


all rights reserved



Shirokuma Sweden

screamo / punkrock from söderhamn, skärså & stockholm, sweden.

jonathan - vocals

victor - guitar

fredrik - bass

tomas - drums
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Track Name: Black Lungs
After sundown, awake at night
The disappointment and disarray
Carved onto my skin

Blood in my mouth
Colorblind and unease
Time just stopped around me
And nothing ever since felt so real

What you see
Is something I cannot see

Somewhere I keep my hands closed
My head down
With my arms wrapped around me
When the shadows cover my tiered eyes
I see you
And the blackness fills my lungs

Another time
Made up minds
On different sides
With your hand against my spine

I can see the sadness in your eyes
But I can't feel it
And I don't want to
Track Name: Flies
Worthless cowards
Feeding from the vultures mouth
I'll be your harm, your wound

I'm sick of painting ugly pictures with abstract words

You feel the ground collapsing under your feet
Changes comes so slow, and my patience lacks
Sickness flows in your veins and in mine,
They're almost welcome
Like flies

The things you see
Was never yours
No matter how hard you squeeze
True love
Cannot be fabricated
By imagination

Headstones for pillows
And pills for dinner

You feel the ground collapsing under your feet
Changes comes so slow, and my patience lacks
Sickness flows in your veins and in mine,
They're almost welcome
Like flies and the plagues they bring
Track Name: Cycles
I'll watch you fade away
Time and time again
And nothing I did made a difference

I run against every wall within reach
With bleeding hands
I paint it red

It doesn't matter how hard I try
The same pattern always comes around
And stays the same

You can see it as a curse
A broken record or a set of rules
But the pain goes on

The pain goes on
Over and over again

I've become something that I'm not
Afraid of what the future holds
And to afraid to ask
The cycle repeats

The morning comes
The scars will heal
You're not alone
You'll never be

I watched you fade
Track Name: Present Day
What can't be seen, late at nights
Claws your fingers down my spine
Restlessness and cigarettes
Neon lights and warning signs

Lonely kids in a fucked up world
I give you my heart, love and soul
We are the smoke, a nail in the eye
To the pretty window of society's side

Keep them away, they don't understand
What is truly ours and in our hands
I don't believe in borders or in building walls
We deserve to be as free as we think we are

I keep my hands clean
Your mouth won't stain me
I'll watch you from afar
All hope is gone for people like us

Down in the dirt
In filth we crawl
Blindfolded in the driver's seat

It always feel like somebody's watching me
Track Name: Smiles
The stares, the laughters
The look and smiles
And crossed fingers behind your back

Severed ties and fake smiles
And forked tongues
Reactionless, quiet and frail

No sparks
Nothing more to give
No more promises to keep

I live life cheating death
Holding arguments against myself

Keeping both feet steady in a world of grief
I dance alone

I live life laughing at death
And when it's laughing back
I have no regrets

To hell with the fakes
Heaven's made for the snakes
The soil will cover the dead
The void that's left for the quiet and frail
Track Name: Seven Candles
Bring down the end
And start again
Light the the seven candles
Harvest the blood from my hands

Cry into my hands
Hide inside my lungs
Just give me what I want
And follow me down

His head is a matchstick
A spark is all it takes
His arms like knives
Sharp and ready
His feets like debt
Relentlessly on the move

A leader
A merchant
A thief
A murderer

There's no way out
I gave all you asked for
Now I have all you want

Bring down the end
And start again
Take every last inch of me
Harvest the blood from my hands
Track Name: In Abeyance
Hiding in plain sight
As the curtains fall
It's a reminder of what's been
And what's not
Death creeps around me
And I take every chance

The difference between
Daydreams and nightmares
Ceases to exist

I am a curse
I cease to exist

I wish nothing more than death upon the man

Everyone I know
Looks like strangers
Am I dreaming?

Black clouds gather
Shapes disappearing
Do you even care?

I wish nothing more than death upon the man

Step by step
I shut my ears
And close my eyes
And run away

Hiding in plain sight
As the curtains fall
Track Name: Above The Noise
In the noise, the fire
The flames, they speak to you
Destruction is just another word for change
Tear down the buildings
Set the streets ablaze
For nothing ever changes
As long as you remain
We stay the same

Out of place
In and out of pace

The days go by
But nothing happens
The darkness comes closer
But nothing happens

Search for a meaning
Above the noise
The flames, they speak to you

No matter where you go
The violence follows

No matter what you do
The violence persists

Youth, slowly fading

Blame the losses on the otherside
For every broken window and shattered bone
Blame the failure on the otherside
For every broken family and shattered dream
Track Name: Space
Where you're alone
Where you think
Where you don't wanna be

Where you fear
Where you can't leave
Where you want to be

Where you can change
Where you can be somebody else

Where you love
Where you hate
Where I love

The clothes I wear for the space I'm in
Never fits

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