by Shirokuma

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released February 21, 2013



all rights reserved


Shirokuma Sweden

screamo / punkrock from söderhamn & skärså, sweden.


jonathan - vocals

victor - guitar

fredrik - bass

tomas - drums
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Track Name: Dropping Out
and we sealed away everything we knew
to preserve what could be saved
locked it up far away
never to be seen again

embracing the water
isolating our minds
trying to forget
trying to survive

but there aint no place like home
and there aint nobody like us
Track Name: To Seek My Very Own Sun
just leave me here
i dont wanna be alone here in this world
all here by myself
just leave us here
and wave goodbye to the past of what we once knew
searching for a sign since the distance seems so bright
searching for a sign
the distance, seems so bright..

leave us here
alone to ourselves
they chase us around
lies for an eye
leave us here
alone to ourselves

"why, why?
after all this searching, i still cannot find it
was it all a lie?
have i done this for nothing?
oh my dear sun, what now?
what should i do?
my sun
my dear, dear sun"

dear family, and beloved friends
i will seek my own sun now
Track Name: Stranded
this aint
what i thought it would be
these moments, the secrets, our fucking shameless ways
is this what we are supposed to do?
have we started counting off the days?
is this what we are supposed to do?
just look what we have become

"lets hope this isnt our last stand, all false promises you made"

are we done for it?
have we started counting off the days now?
are we in it for counting?
does it really matter anymore?
Track Name: What Is Cold?
all we've build up
strong as life
the cliffs no one else
could ever climb
and everyhing we promised
so naive
but atleast we held
what was imperative

decembers dark
tears our minds
but what is cold?
when theres warmth inside

but now when you are
far away from home
remember what we share
we´ll see each other soon.