Sun Won't Set

by Shirokuma

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released May 29, 2014



all rights reserved


Shirokuma Sweden

screamo / punkrock from söderhamn & skärså, sweden.

jonathan - vocals

victor - guitar

fredrik - bass

tomas - drums
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Track Name: A Cloud Painted
No preasure, No thoughts
Other than the ocean celing
Constantly hanging above
Like the snow falling down
Colapsing into fragments of memories
Shattering the ground

From the bottom off the ocean
Iv'e painted a cloud
Something to hide for myself
Something no one can ever tie
And they all stop by to tell me
How tierd I look, how worn down I am
So whats the point?
My broken bed

Staring for hours
Holding my breath
Collapsing under the weight of regret

In silence, I sleep
There is no one here but me
Like snow, falling down
Drowning in thoughts
Holding me down
Cold as lies
Track Name: Cold, Cold Hands
Sleep your angst away

Because its all I care for now
To know what to do
And what to feel
To escape from my cage
Of self judging thougts
To get rid of all these ghosts between these walls

But it's just that
It's like I dont know myself
Or anyone around me
But when that feeling hits

Slowly im waking up
It seems quiet now but who can tell?
When theres so much revolving above my head

But at least Im not getting older
Not turning grey
But my hands are cold
And my mind is sealed away

Collapsed lungs
The weight of the air
What everyone thinks
Is what I fear

Dream your angst away
Track Name: To Seek Out My Very Own Sun
Just leave me here
I dont wanna be alone here in this world
All here by myself
Just leave us here
And wave goodbye
To the past of what we once knew
Searching for a sign since the distance seems so bright
Searching for a sign
The distance, seems so bright

Leave us here
Alone to ourselves
They've chased us around
Lies for an eye
Leave us here
Alone to ourselves
Along with our past

Dear family and beloved friends
I will seek my own sun now
Track Name: Okami
Sinking down
Deeper down
In my own spit
Sinking down
In deciet

Unshackled, and set free
Unwanted, stil I feel no guilt
They say I never used to be like this
Tears without relief, thin like a leaf

"So please just see it by my side"

Where are the wolves now?
To hold my head up high
Where are the wolves now?
To see it by my side
Where are the wolves now?
To hold my head up high

Let me sink
Let me forget
Let me fall apiece / find my peace

Let me dream
Let me dream
Track Name: Four Rivers
Close to sleeping in
To find the answears of the dream Iv'e chased
It's a mystery to me
Of all the things I cannot change
Of all the things I can create
It's a fog now

Im losing grip
For what is memories
If they aint what you want them to be?
Is something ever what you want it to be?

Sometimes we get lost
Sometimes our lighthouse won't shine
Sometimes we have to say goodbye

"It's like those lights in the sky
They all look the same from here
but it dosn't make them any less pretty"
Track Name: Chiaroscuro
Shaded letters on the wall
"Catch me, Im falling"
"Make us whole"

Swept in shadows
The rain pours down
like knives towards the pavement

Torn between the lines
Of what's no longer mine
No longer mine

If I could see this for what it is
An abandoned tower filled with filth
With no windows or exit signs
It just won't change through time

It dosen't matter if it gets cold
It dosen't matter if I stay
For whatever the reason
The sun will never set

Through time I will drain out your light
A brief moment just passing by

Shaded letters on the wall
"Catch me, Im falling"
"Make us whole"

Swept in shadows
The rain pours down
like knives towards the pavement
Sharp, furious, hitting the ground
Track Name: Falling Leaves From A Dying Tree
Behind these dead trees
Upon a dried out shore
Below dying leaves
I couldnt ask for more

So close my heart
Over my mind / skin
Through empty days
Through empty nights

For a while
Iv'e spent my days just killing time
And the nights aint getting brighter
As the days fly by
Iv'e spent my days searching for a piece of mind

So hold my hand and jump into the water
Where the sound from the crowd cant reach us
And the smell of smoke gets repelled by the crashing waves
Where time finally has a place to stand still

And we can finally say
That were just made of concrete

All alone, awake
While this city dies

Among the ashes
While I fall asleep

But it's just a moment that cannot last
Track Name: Blue Circles Turning Black
Empty handed
Hanging on to broken cliffs
With nowhere to go
"Lose your grip"

Swept away by the ocean waves
To places i cannot tell
And of course it hurts
To say goodbye, dear old friend

I guess a part of me is gone
I guess a part of me died back then
But still a part of me is here
Hiding my thoughts to see things clear

Lost by the sea
Tied back to back
Blue circles turning black
Track Name: Sun Won't Set