Split w/ Suis La Lune

by Shirokuma

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released July 11, 2016


all rights reserved



Shirokuma Sweden

screamo / punkrock from söderhamn, skärså & stockholm, sweden.


jonathan - vocals

victor - guitar

fredrik - bass

tomas - drums
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Track Name: Endless Rain
The air is thick
It clings on to heavy clouds

And fall away to nowhere land

Breathe in the sweet dreams
With hanging feets
Reaching further heights

I'll spend my time around shattered glass

From what I've seen
And what I've done
All light dies with the fading sun
Nothing remains the same way

Landscapes forming a cave
As shelter from the waves

Fall away
To nowhere land

I'm waiting
For something to lean on
Or something
To take me away
I'm waiting

Ten years away
Will it still be the same?

Endless rain
Come wash away the pain
Of ordinary days

Breathe in the sweet dreams
Track Name: The Earth Sleeps
I'll watch the night
With closed eyes
Afraid to see
What hides inside
If anything at all

Without a sound
With my fingers crossed
Hope gives way for fear
Of the unknown

The way
I see the world
It's not a place
For me to grow
I'd better not
Pretend to be okay
Where's left to go?
When you're so far away

I walk the streets alone
With a sky painted black

The stars are few
The earth sleeps
Nothing moves
I'm in between

When I'm alone
I'd wish I was
Someone else
In flesh and bones
Track Name: Leave Me
Cold shoulders and whispers
Eyes appearing in rainy mirrors
Like the shadows behind me
Getting closer and closer and closer

Without a living light
Alone in eerie dreams
We tell ourselves
To love ourselves
Can you see what's real in me?
It was so long ago

My mind still bleeds
It forms a shell
Of living nightmares
In haunted cells

The nights cold haze closing in
And drags me further away

It's like a quiet wasteland
Left in a box
In it’s labyrinth I'll wait out
For the moon to fall

Leave me
To colour my heart
Track Name: Lost Contact
I see myself dressed in black
In the light of LCD:s
Through the window of a worn out house
Captured for now
Stuck without frames

I'm stuck
In communion
Embracing the darkness

I feel it
The void calls
I'm tired and weary of people's walls

Lost contact
All the time
Cut me off

Two steps back
Is that's enough?
I exist in the light of days
And in the night
I'll feed you lies
I'm always your second pair of eyes
Track Name: My Body Is An Empty Vessel
Forget me
When I'm gone
My eyes are sore
I won't hang on
The beyond
Invites me
I want the same shine
That you received

Forgive me when I’m gone
I won’t hang on for long

Vissa tankar
Vissnar i takt

I was never meant for this place
The last sleep serves as my escape
Where my body is an empty vessel
And visions becomes real

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